Youtube Mp3 Converter

A good news awaits those who are looking for  ways to save their  favorite YouTube videos and also convert them to either mp3 mp 4 or a step further into 3gp format in a flash there are several sites available which can help you in this direction i.e. youtube mp3 converter generally most of them convert online itself and hence there is no compulsion formality of downloading software etc and the only requirement which they generally ask for is a you tube URL and they in return give a link which can help you download your file  is it amazing is it not that is the advancement of technology that youtube mp3 converter has become so simple enabling you to open a world of excitement for you in a flash for those who are kind of new to this concept can also becomes masters by just following these easy 

steps 1.copy the video web address 2-paste the link into the box(visible in the site)3-select the format you are looking at 4-click the start option to find your video and then enter convert to begin 5-once the conversion finishes just download and save your file isn’t it simple it will literally make you a addict to this wonderful option.